7 Great Tips to Improve Customer Service Through Better Internal Communication

How can we improve customer service? Have you found yourself asking this question? Is improving customer service one of your goals for 2019? With the start of a New Year, you’re no doubt quite busy setting organizational goals for 2019, and more than likely, one of those goals will be focused on increasing revenue. Revenue is often tied to customer service, so there’s no time like the present to understand how you can improve customer service in your organization. One of the best ways to improve your customer service is to take the time and improve your internal communications, and in this blog, we’ll show you seven great tips on how you can improve customer service through better internal c

Key to Consultative Sales Process

Did you know? We are phasing out 1 million sales job by year 2020? Order taking jobs are giving ways to kiosks and automation. We need reps that understands the clients’ needs, can analyze data, drive trends, and put together a creative solution that addresses every point. Six principles defined by Hubspot are the basic key to consultative selling. Consultative sales process helps you structure your selling methodology to increase its efficiency. It based on the focus of the lead’s experience during your conversation with them instead of only pushing the product, service, or business. It starts off with research on your lead. Acquire meaningful information about your lead like contact pre

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