7 Tips To Keep Your Salespeople Motivated

Your sales people are the face of your business, which means you want to keep them happy, motivated and engaged. Sales people who perform exceptionally well are difficult to find, so when you have them, you want to keep them. However, even the happiest team members can become unmotivated at times. Salespeople oftentimes feel they are constantly under fire from having goals and quotas to meet, being the primary point of contact for potential and existing customers, and oftentimes being at the receiving end of complaints from disgruntled clients. Still with all the demands they may be faced with, quality sales people want to succeed. Below is a list of tips to keep your sales people happy and

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Sales Manager?

A good sales manager will have certain qualities and skills that sometimes differ greatly from those of a sales rep. And because of this a great sales rep will not automatically make a good sales manager. The qualities of the two vary in many ways. Although sales is primarily based on communication skills, something that both a sales rep and sales manager should have, not everyone has the management skills required to guide a team to success. A sales manager may not have a knack for executing a sales technique, like a sales rep would, but they will have great organizational skills and the ability to create a plan of action. The successful management of a team is based on understanding strate

3 Things to Know About The New Buying Process

The buying process has seen a drastic change in recent years. The rise in technology has brought buying opportunities to our fingertips through the smartphones in our pockets – all we need is an internet connection. Of course, the fundamentals of the buying process have, essentially, stayed the same: your customers still have to recognize that they have a specific need, they still need to collect information and do their research, and they still need to determine if your competitors offer a better alternative before they purchase your product. But, with so much technology available to them, this buying process is happening at a substantially accelerated rate. In this blog, we’ll talk about t

Sales Training Must-Haves

Often times when the term sales person is heard, people conjure up this vision of an individual with an extroverted personality; but being successful in sales requires much more than an outgoing personality. Sales require excellent communications, including the ability to convey details about specific products and services and also listening to the needs of prospects as well as having the know-how required to close sales repeatedly. So while the extroverted individual may innately possess some of those skills, training is essential in order to continuously be successful. People have more information than ever at their fingertips, and because of that expectations and demands are harder to mee

4 Steps to Increase Sales Efficiency with Technology

Productivity = f {Efficiency x Effectiveness} The terms sales efficiency and sales effectiveness are buzzwords you're bound to hear in today's workforce. The key difference is that sales effectiveness is all about what you work on to drive revenue while sales efficiency is focused on doing those things quickly, without wasting time. Figuring out how to be effective in your sales strategy is tricky, but once you figure out what you need to be doing, becoming efficient at it can also be a challenge. That's where technology is beginning to play an ever-increasingly important role. With that said, there is a lot more to achieving sales efficiency and leveraging technology than simply subscribi

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