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What makes a person good at — and comfortable with — persuading others?  Getting comfortable with sales requires an “understanding of what selling is".

Selling is an art. But unlike many other art forms, the art of sales is something that most can learn. This doesn't mean that everyone can be good at sales, however. Many people new to sales are tempted to jump right into learning how to close a deal instead of learning the foundations of sales. Learn the fundamentals here.

Sales Fundamentals is for those who wish to do things differently and leverage technology to drive efficiently in sales.
  1. 12 classroom training sessions covering the sales and marketing best practices of today.
  2. Simulations designed to address real world situations that help you learn and apply techniques in your environment.
Public Training on Wednesdays. Rolling admission.
Private Company Training through inquiries
The cost is $8,900 + HST per trainee.
Certain businesses and individuals are eligible for financial assistance. Please contact us for more details.
Contact us to register.



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