Many of the ups and downs of a company's revenue stream can be smoothed out. Doing so, though, requires a fundamental change in how the organization prioritizes its sales activities.
As a sales professional, are you going to be helpful, long-term, and patient? Or are you going to be transactional, short-term, and desperate? We must choose to practice compassion, empathy, and patience. Ask and listen, before you tell. Now is not the time to send pushy or otherwise tone-deaf sales messages.
Sales Best Practices in Volatile Times is for those who wish to establish open lines of communication and focus on value. Learn to put customers first and practice empathy.
  1. 12 classroom training sessions (over 3-months) covering the Company-specific funnel and sales best practices.
  2. Simulations designed to address real world situations that help you learn and apply techniques in your environment.
Public Training on Fridays. Rolling admission.
Private Company Training through inquiries
The cost is $8,900 + HST per trainee.
Certain businesses and individuals are eligible for financial assistance. Please contact us for more details.
Contact us to register.



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