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  • Umar Malik

Great Conversations All Have These 5 Things

People buy from people they like or are like. I say this ALL the time. Let’s be honest, there’s a pretty good chance there’s someone else doing exactly what you do. And it’s never been easier to find those people. So how do you stand out and close that sale? By connecting with your prospects through great conversation. Stop filling awkward silences with the standard, "what do you do?" or "how about that weather?" Start having meaningful and memorable conversations with your prospects.

So how do you get started?

1. Don't settle for just yes or no

Choosing a question that requires more than a single word answer is an easy tactic. By not letting your conversation partner get off easy with a single syllable answer you also gain a great opportunity to learn what makes them tick. It's just one step towards building a strong connection.

2. Active Listening

It's easy to get distracted and simply just wait for your turn to talk. Or worse, just line up a series of questions just to fill dead air but then completely ignore the answers you're getting. Your listener can sense this and can back off. On the other hand, if you actually focus on the conversation in order to give insightful replies or questions then help them feel more confident and hopefully share even more.

3. Compassion

Now that you've been listening with your full attention you can use what you've learned to understand exactly what they're feeling. You may have even have experienced a similar situation. Resist the urge to simply repeat back your story. Instead, help your listener feel more included and comfortable by keeping the focus on them.

4. Memory Game

So you've been listening, right? Now prove it. Bring back relevant details that your conversation partner has shared with you. It proves you cared about their story and are now willing to strengthen the relationship. This goes a long way towards building trust.

5. Offer Insight

We're at the finish line. Now that you've been a great conversation partner you can bring it all together by offering insights. Bear in mind, not all conversations require advice but if you're able to offer helpful guidance based on careful deliberation then you've established yourself as a credible confidant

While this list isn't all-encompassing it's a great start to having stronger, more productive conversations with your prospects. Each tip is designed to make your prospect feel more at ease and to validate their position. By doing so, you'll find it a lot easier to connect with them and become that trusted partner that your prospects are looking for. Just do your best not to talk about the weather.

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We are your partner in TRANSFORMATION.

We take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.




We are your partner in TRANSFORMATION.

We take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.

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