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Our popular sales program provides presales professionals with absolutely everything they need to succeed. Maximize your revenue potential by taking a more strategic approach to working with influencers and leverage the power of B2B marketing. Master the top of the sales funnel process in order to close more deals at higher profit margins, while keeping your clients happy.
PreSales Series is designed for professionals who want to further penetrate key accounts or influencers by building relationships at the presale stage of the sales funnel.
  1. 6 classroom training sessions (over 2-months) covering the fundmentals of leadership and management.
  2. 6 x 2-hour 1-on-1 on-the-job training and follow-up sessions per trainee
  3. Simulations designed to address real world situations that help you learn and apply techniques in your environment.
Public Training no longer available.
Private Company Training through inquiries
The cost is $6,250 + HST per trainee.
Group discount may apply.  Certain businesses and individuals are eligible for financial assistance. Please contact us for more details.
Contact us to register.



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