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We conducted a quick survey around the office, only 30% of our sales people do post-call reviews. Let me be the first to tell you - Post-call is equally as important as pre-call. Here are the best practices to get you started:

1. Do it as soon as possible. Grab that wifi from Starbucks and go into your CRM right away. The biggest trap is either not doing it at all or postponing post-call review so long that it just turns into an exercise of completing a call report form. The best idea is to complete the post-call review when the call is still fresh in the sales person’s mind it’s easier to decipher what the notes and scribbles penned during the call actually mean.

2. Set a target for the next call. Think about what happened on the call and assess what are logical follow up steps. Analyze how the results of the call might impact the overall account strategy for moving forward.

Top sales performers are always getting better – call planning is one simple way to execute on that idea. It’s taking the time to systematically think through what you are about to do and to learn from what you just did. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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