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On average, in 30 seconds, your customer has made up his / her mind whether there is a business opportunity on hand or not. Now, you see the importance of a carefully crafted 1-min pitch? Summarized our pointers below for your reference:

Starting with a Blank Slate and asking questions

You are given 1-minute from the moment you start your pitch. Make no assumptions. The only way to make the minute relevant is by asking questions - Ask open ended questions; for example, “What can I do for you today?” is probably not a good question to ask.

Repeat the Situation / Problem statements

A sales pitch shouldn’t be a one-way dialog. The best pitches are the interactive ones – where your customers are exchanging ideas with you. Let the customer personalize the solution as a custom fit to his / her own unique problem.

Concentrate on what you are selling - THE outcomes and NOT your service offerings

Paint the final state for your customer. What does nirvana look like? Just like a person looking for a drill; he / she wants to hang her pictures. Concentrate on the benefits and outcomes, not your service offerings.

Be the advisor. Provide a Recommendation

Being the advisor and being in a position to provide a recommendation is the goal of the sales pitch. Think of your trusted mechanics; you are not going to reject what he has to say when it comes to fixing your car.

Don’t forget your Call to Action

There needs to be an actionable follow up or next steps clearly defined as you progress along your sales pipeline. You need to have a clear “who”, “what” and “when” defined before parting ways.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

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