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Ask a business what the top three resources it needs are to be successful and experienced owners and managers will immediately include a good sales team as one of them. In fact, some might say sales are in all three categories.

Sales generate the lifeblood of a business in terms of revenue. That money pays for everything from operations to cost of goods sold and salaries. However, sales don’t automatically happen on their own. High-level movement of goods or services happen because a good sales team is regularly and consistently convincing people to spend on the given business.

So what is the winning formula a company needs to follow to generate a winning sales team? Good sales people? Not quite. That’s just the starting step. In addition, a company needs a sales team that has a love for data and statistics, continues to train and build new skills, and acts effectively as a team as well as they do individuals.

The elements that make up a winning sales team involve people who are willing to keep improving and compete well, but also adjust back and forth between individual performance and team cooperation. Despite all the technology available, good sales performance still comes back to finding and cultivating the right people for the job. Therefore, if you know your management is not the best at handling this, that’s okay. Find, hire and retain those who are, but make sure they can work with each other as well. The rest will fall into place.

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