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Why LinkedIn Matters for Reach

Creating content is hard. I know I struggle with it. It seems even more difficult for those of us in the small business world. We all wear a lot of hats and trying to find time to create useful content can sometimes seem impossible. When I finally do find time to put on my writing hat, I need to make sure I’m factoring LinkedIn into the equation. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is by using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Now Has 500 Million Users

We can start with the obvious: LinkedIn is huge. Hundreds of millions of users are generating billions of content impressions each week. At last check there were well over 100 million unique visits each month from 200 countries and territories. That translates to about 2 new users each second! No disrespect intended but I doubt your website can boast similar statistics. If you’re going to create content, you might as well give yourself a little head start.

LinkedIn Converts to Mobile Seamlessly

I may be aging myself but I remember a time when my phone was for making calls (and breaking my high score on “Snake”). But now it’s my everything. There’s a reason why I say “wallet, keys, phone” before I leave the house. It’s absolutely my main way to get connected. If a website doesn’t have an excellent mobile version, I’m probably not going to stay on it for very long. LinkedIn does a great job of making sure your content looks great everywhere. There’s also a great deal of functionality dedicated to making the whole experience easy. Finding, reading and sharing posts are intuitive and fast. That makes your content more likely to be consumed and also more likely to be shared.

LinkedIn Plays Nice With Organic Searches

But what about users outside of LinkedIn? Google crawls through every post making it available on their search results. Results are further strengthened by interaction within the LinkedIn community. Users can easily share and comment. Posts with high activity are flagged by Google as valuable for search results. These high-ranked posts can then drive users to your site either through direct links on your post or simply by people being curious about your brand.

How to get Started on LinkedIn

You can push your firm to the top by doing a few simple things. First, set up a company page. All you need is a company email address to get started. Next, associate your employee profiles with your company. Make sure that your team has profiles that are up to date and with appropriate share settings. The last step is to work together. Have your team share links with each other allowing you to leverage your combined network.

By leveraging the LinkedIn universe you can maximize the number of eyes on your work and subsequently drive those eyes to your site. You’ll quickly see an increase in prospects that come to you to compliment your efforts in the real world. Plus, you’ll probably find that writing hat to be a lot less uncomfortable.

Are you using LinkedIn effectively for business development? What's your content strategy to drive sales? Not sure what to do? Drop us a line. It's time to make the Change Connect call.

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