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The Benefits of Gamification - How Gamification Can Help Your Sales Force

Gamification is about creating better and more meaningful experiences, not just for customers but also for your employees. It’s about understanding what motivates people and using game structures and dynamics to enhance those motivators. And in the case of sales rep employees, gamification motivates without disrupting workflow or distracting from sales goals.

Gamification can be defined as “the insertion of game dynamics and mechanics into non-game activities to drive a desired behaviour”. In simpler terms, it makes the boring parts of anything more fun and engaging by adding points systems, badges, and other features of game playing. It’s a way to make the often boring parts of business and sales more engaging for customers and employees alike.

Think of sales gamification as a business strategy; it allows you to tap into the full potential of your sales team and achieve unprecedented results. Consider the following benefits that gamification can produce:

  1. A Little Healthy Competition: Salespeople are competitive by nature; they’re fueled by the competition itself rather than the prize (although that’s definitely a perk). The opportunity to see how they stack up against their peers is also a key motivator. Competition pushes people to not only reach goals but exceed them. It pushes underperforming reps to improve and top-level reps to do even better.

  2. Improves Sales Productivity: Gamification is a great way to meet and exceed sales goals. According to Salesforce, 71% of companies that implemented gamification saw an 11-50% increase in sales performance and 9/10 companies reported that their gamification initiatives were successful. If that doesn’t convince you, take HelloWorld as an example. The company is a leader in digital engagement that works with some of the biggest brands in the world. But a few years ago, they were having difficulty getting its 100+ salespeople to pitch a mobile product recently brought to market. To inspire them, they held contests via a gamification app and the company saw increased sales of the new product by 230%.

  3. Engages Employees: Gamification simply makes work more fun. Adding a little friendly competition, prizes, and motivation creates a more captivating work environment and keeps employees away from feelings of disappointment and boredom.

  4. Keeps Employees on Track: Gamification offers a systematic method of tracking one’s progress towards hitting clear goals. It holds sales reps accountable to their goals, as well as helping them recognize their strengths and identify areas for growth.

  5. Encourages Collaboration: The sales landscape has changed; more sales reps are on the road and working remotely, which means that team morale and collaboration have decreased. Absent employees may also miss out on valuable feedback on their performance. By implementing gamification, it connects the entire team and results in idea sharing, teaching and learning from one another, and boosts the feeling of togetherness and teamwork.

  6. Open Mentorship and Learning: When collaboration happens, so does the opportunity it creates for mentorship and learning from peers. When employees open the conversation around challenges and best practices, it teaches underperforming reps and helps the team overall. Bottom-level performers can then seek out a mentor and rather than feeling discouraged, they feel inspired.

  7. Gain Insights: Gamification offers companies the opportunity to capture and analyze data on behaviours and motivations, allowing companies to create more engaging experiences. With these insights, businesses can shorten their on-boarding period and train new team members faster. According to Aberdeen Group, 31% more first-year sales reps achieve quota when supported with gamification. Sales leaders can also identify what types of behaviours lead to better results and extend those best practices across the team.

Whether you want to increase your sales or improve your team’s morale, gamification can be your new go-to strategy. It works because it’s about the people. When you understand what motivates your employees, you can help your employees reach their potential and ultimately make your business more effective and profitable.

From your sales team to your sales strategy, Change Connect understands the business, the people, and the processes to achieve success. Make the Change Connect call and our leading experts will be happy to help you, your team, and your business.

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