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3 Things You Should Be Doing During This Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has turned 2020 upside down. Global air traffic decreased by 80%, the stock market erased 3 years of gains, and according to the World Bank, the global economy is expected to shrink by more than 5.2%. Amidst cancelled vacations and lockdown induced cabin fever, we find ourselves starting every email with “… during these unprecedented times” and missing the simple things like overpriced bar drinks. As the whole world begins to cower under the barrage of lemons, this is our opportunity to make gigantic jug of lemonade. Here are 3 way to take advantage of this pandemic.

1. Take advantage of the slowdown

Many businesses are experiencing a downturn in productivity which means that day-to-day operations are at a standstill. Take this opportunity to send out prospecting emails as they are less likely to get buried under inbox clutter.

2. Connect with your customers

As the sales cycle slows down, use this time to build a closer relationship with your new and existing customers. Once the pandemic is over (and it will pass) and business returns to normal, you can get a head start with new leads and a better understanding of your customer base.

3. Adapt to your customers’ changing needs

Even though the economy is shrinking it does not mean there aren’t any opportunities, in fact, the opposite is true. As people and businesses adapt to the pandemic, it may have resulted in the creation of new markets and sales prospects. This is the time to evaluate the changes to your customers’ needs and adapt your products to address them accordingly.

COVID-19 is most likely going to have a long-term affect on economic status but this unexpected shock to the status quo can be leveraged as an opportunity to drive more sales, smarter sales. With a customer-centric shift to your sales strategy, you can grow your business and come out of this pandemic stronger post-pandemic.

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