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Sales Playbook Play by Play

Sales play are repeatable steps, actions, and best practices proven to push deals forward. What sales play to focus on highly depends on the market position, industry of the company, industries that the company sells to, typical sales cycle, and most importantly, the company’s goals. The purpose is to equip sales rep with contents, tools, best practices, and strategies to help push deals forward. Follow up play, closing play, and demo play are some examples of plays that a Sales playbook can focus on.

Companies look into creating a sales playbook for multiple scenarios and situations. The method of only having seniors to coach and train new sales staff can easily result in training inconsistency with gaps. Moreover, the sales playbook not only helps to ramp up new staff faster but is also a reference tool for existing staff. Helping to ease preparation and a great way to learn and share new sales tactics amongst the team, saving valuable time.

Sales Playbook by Play by Play

Follow up play

For playbooks that focus on follow-up, the purpose is to provide guidance for when to follow up with leads at different stages and when to let go. If platforms are important in the success rate, include them in the playbook. Different types of clients may prefer different methods of communication. For instance, some clients that value personal touch may prefer imitating discussion over the phone rather than email.

Closing Play

How to lead clients in the late stages of their buying process naturally and professionally into the closing phase can be tough. This sales playbook could include possible indications that signal moving towards closing, email templates, common questions and how to answer them, and any useful materials that the sales team currently utilizes.

Lead qualification play

A sales playbook that focuses on lead qualification assists a rep to evaluate whether a prospect has a need, the authority, and money to buy the company’s products and services. Moreover, when a qualified prospect is found, when to reach out and present.

A well-written sales Playbook is a powerful tool that will benefit the sales rep and the overall team performance. When one member achieves success with a special sales tactic, putting it in the sales playbook allows the tactic to be shared amongst the entire team. The creation of a sales playbook is not a one-time process. Bear in mind that sales tactics and sales process improvement and change occur on a regular basis. Many factors, such as the expansion or reduction of product lines, and changing customer demographics, will require the sales playbook to be updated accordingly.

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