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Converting Online Media Presence to Offline Business Success

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The importance of establishing an online media presence is crucial in allowing you to help build an audience, connect with your customers and keep them updated on business activities.

A strong online presence allows you to build your brand and gain the credibility that you need to attract more customers.

1. Create A Social Media Strategy (and stick to it)

Before you try to convert your social media strategy into sales, you should spend your time thinking about your company goals and strategize on how you want to use your social media presence to create more business. At this point, you should be thinking about how your business will protrude to prospects online. Somethings you should consider:

a. Your key message

b. List of keywords that describe your business

c. What type of contacts/platforms will be most appealing to your target market

Use analytics to help you in molding your strategy. Posting the wrong content at the wrong time for the wrong audience will be detrimental in terms of growth. Useful metrics to take advantage of to enhance your buyers’ journey:

· Number of reactions/shares/comments on a post

· Days of the week/time users are most active

· How many clicks a link received

· Demographics of your audience: age, sex, location, interests

The use of analytics will help in addressing customer needs and better understand the experience when dealing with the brand itself.

2. Online Calls to Action

All of your calls to action should be designed so there are minimal barriers to potential customers for engaging in business with you. For example, they should be able to book an appointment with you without having to call someone. Another great way to drive business from an online presence is to provide coupons or promotions. Optimizing your social media platforms to be appealing and conducive to your call to actions.

3. Convert Online Networking into Offline Networking

Although nothing beats meeting your prospects face to face. Social media platforms can be used to amplify your networking efforts. Especially now, more than ever. Due to COVID-19, networking online has become a way of life. You can use multiple sites to reach more people than you can at any networking event or ask for introductions online. Leverage social media to establish your business' creditability before your prospect connects with you. LinkedIn, for example, if you are self-employed, have a side-hustle or just looking to advance your career - LinkedIn is a great way to connect with like-minded professionals, post job openings and share content.

4. Measure, Analyze and Adjust

One of the great upsides to using online tools to drive business, is the ability to collect and analyze data. This is a critical but often overlooked benefit of social media presence. Use this data to understand where you are getting the most conversions from! You can’t expect to get your strategy perfect on the first try. Iterating your strategy with real data from efforts is the best way to tailor your efforts to your business specifically.

Building an online presence isn’t just beneficial to growing a business – it’s absolutely essential. In this digital age, a strong online presence on social media – a website, blog, an e-commerce platform – preferably all four – is the best way for your company to remain competitive. Digital is here to stay, make sure you don’t get left behind. An online presence is one of the most important investments that a business can make.

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We are your partner in TRANSFORMATION.

We take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.




We are your partner in TRANSFORMATION.

We take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.

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