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Every organization, marketplace, and team is unique, so their obstacles and solutions should be too. Change Connect offers customizable training programs, from off-the-shelf seminars to in-house tailored workshops, to help your company and team tackle these issues head-on and benefit from an individualized solution. Your team and employees will leave our programs with the insight, knowledge, and valuable skills to reach theirs and your organization’s full potential.



Ideal for both first-time managers looking for new tools and experienced managers looking for a refresher of the essentials. This is a tailored program structured around feedback from an individual’s full review. Managers of all levels will learn to develop an effective team, create an engaged and motivated workforce, and ultimately help make their organization more innovative, productive, and profitable.



Focused on the key components of a sales process, this government subsidized program will create a successful salesperson out of anyone. This program will break down a generic pipeline into its technical sales components, look at best practices at each stage, and delve into yield and advancement ratios and how they result in an increased bottom line. Learners will acquire the valuable insights and skills to improve the overall sales performance of their organization.



No matter the size of your organization, it’s likely you’ve been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s forced many of us to change the way we work and adapt to a sudden shift in consumer behaviour.

And that brings us to the basic problem: Telling salespeople how to manage their individual funnels is one thing; getting them to do so is an entirely different matter. To accomplish that, a company needs to implement various organizational measures.



Our popular sales program provides presales professionals with absolutely everything they need to succeed. Maximize your revenue potential by taking a more strategic approach to working with influencers and leverage the power of B2B marketing. Master the top of the sales funnel process in order to close more deals at higher profit margins, while keeping your clients happy.



According to the Harvard Business Review, the estimated turnover for salespeople is about 27%! That means 1 out of every 4 of your reps will probably be gone next year. This is especially true in SMBs.

If your sales team have hit a wall - or worse declining - it's time to look at it through another lens. Learn to do things differently through classroom discussions of best practices in sales today. Leave with actionable know-hows to improve your salesability immediately.



The best sales managers recognize that their job has evolved well beyond motivating and managing a sales force and has advanced to building strategic and innovative sales processes to achieve business objectives. In this five-day sales management training program, you’ll develop the skills needed to provide flawless sales execution at the customer level and strong leadership at the employee level, so your organization can position itself for competitive success and profit growth.

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