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"The reason why Change Connect is our go-to trainer is because they listen.  Working with Change Connect is easy.  They listened to our needs from the moment we started working together, from finding gaps within the salesforce to designing a program which included developing practical workshops that's just right for my team.  The execution of the program inherently embeds change management best practices which maximizes our return on investment.  We look forward to working with Change Connect in the future."

Suk-Hi Creighton, President & General Manager

"Change Connect challenged our old ways of working. From day one, our consultants generated enthusiasm from our staff and managed the change necessary to drive the business forward.  From strategic objectives to tactical metrics, Change Connect connected the dots for us.  Very professional and knowledgeable facilitators, top of the class, I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again."

Elio Furlan, Executive Director


"[Our consultant] is a trustworthy business partner that delivers on her promises.  A field-rich outsider perspective is like a breath of fresh air.  Knowledgeable about business operations and personable when comes to execution.  I welcome a chance to work with her again." 

Carlo Vigliatore, General Manager

"Our consultant led the Company though changes professionally. Her high energy and positive attitude helped to keep people motivated and moving forward. Her contribution was instrumental to our success and I cannot imagine we would have been as successful without her."

Sheila Calhoun, Senior Director Inventory Management

"Being a small-business owner, I know it's important to have an inner circle of trusted advisors to whom I can turn to.  Change Connect is my source of independent business expertise and personal mentor.  Our consultants augment your core competencies and help us achieve our strategic goals."

Kevin Gandy, Owner


"Change Connect understands small businesses.  Our consultants are intuitive, creative business professionals. She has a knack for getting to the bottom of the issues and systematically work through our gaps and challenges.  To get an outsider perspective was instrumental to our growth.  I welcome a chance to work with Change Connect again to break through our next plateau."

Simon Mo, Owner

"Change Connect is not just an advisory service; they roll up their sleeves and help us implement, making change possible. Change Connect is a company with true ingenuity and insight. If you are looking for expert advice and are ready to commit to change, I would highly recommend Change Connect."

Philip Ho, Vice President

"...One thing I noticed when working with [our consultant] is that she is extremely committed and passionate in her efforts to improving our company. She is an all round business expert that improved our processes in sales, operations and finance. Her unique outlook and innovative ideas would be valuable to any business."

Terry Sugar, Vice President

"Our consultant has native intelligence for sales and marketing. Personally I am most impressed with her drive and professionalism. She is among the best consultants I have seen. She is our trusted partner for our North America initiatives."

Sherring Ng, Head of Marketing and Admission

"Change Connect’s consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience of best industry practices covering a wide range of business aspects that helped us develop a vision, chart a course to achieve our objectives and navigate our path to success. Above all, our consultants took a personal interest in the success of our projects. They cared."

Ian Henderson, Owner

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