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Successful salespeople aren’t born; they are made. The best practices of sales are the same whether you are selling shoes, used cars or sports tickets. Sales Onboarding course focuses on key components of a sales process.  Our trainer will break down a generic pipeline into its technical sales components then look at the sales best practices at each stage.  The class will better understand yield and advancement ratios and how they result in an increased bottom line.  This program provides valuable insights that enables you and your sales team to greatly improve the sales performance of your organization.
Sales Onboarding is for those who can appreciate the art of sales yet still believe strongly that it's a numbers game. For those transitioning into a sales career.
  1. 12 classroom training sessions (over 3-months) covering the Company-specific funnel and sales best practices.
  2. Simulations designed to address real world situations that help you learn and apply techniques in your environment.
Public Training on Fridays. Rolling admission.
Private Company Training through inquiries
The cost is $8,900 + HST per trainee.
Certain businesses and individuals are eligible for financial assistance. Please contact us for more details.
Contact us to register.



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